M&S Telling Tales



Although M&S has established itself as a market leader for schoolwear, the market is homogenized with similar quality and innovation claims - only the competition are selling their range for less.

The perception of M&S as a more expensive place to get schoolwear coupled with it being a time of austerity means mum is looking for extra justification for her purchases.

So how do we get people  shopping with their hearts and not their heads?


Totally Schoolproof, M&S School uniforms are jam-packed full of innovations which means M&S Schoolwear allows kids to be kids without making life harder for Mum.

Tapping into the insight that children can be story telling rascals,Telling Talesis a campaign that celebrates the charming fibs and fabrications that kids say when they come home from school in a bit of a mess.

Taking the best fibs, we then transformed them into beautiful illustrations, from real tweets in real time.


gallery 1 gallery 2 gallery 3 gallery 4 gallery 5 gallery 6
gallery 1 gallery 2 gallery 3 gallery 4 gallery 5 gallery 6



  • We gained a reach on Twitter of 620k people, and saw over 12.6m impressions


  • With the first illustration post, we reached a peak engagement figure of 33 engagements a minute.
  • On average we generated 5,450 engagements an hour.
  • On average, for every minute of the campaign, we drove 17 engagements.
  • Achieved a 47% higher average engagement rate based on the current UK retail averages


  • 812 tales were told on Twitter by parents.
  • Back to School campaign mentions reached over 3.8k
  • 455 retweets were seen, with the highest amount being for the initial teaser post on the first day of the campaign.
  • 627 new followers were generated and, due to the audience targeted, - mums - these are an engaged audience to target for similar future campaigns.